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Maximize Deicer Efficiency 
Maximize Deicer Efficiency 

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Winter Maintenance Reviews and Recommendations Reports

Step 2 of Steven Covey’s “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” is “Begin with the end in mind”.  As we prepare to develop future winter maintenance best practices recommendations it is crucial to fully understand where you have been and what are the tools you already have available.  A thorough analysis of your existing operations, coupled with an accurate understanding of your goals, establishes the basis for a roadmap for achieving success.

Customized Operator Training Programs

In order to gain the greatest efficiency from your tools and procedures it is imperative that everyone know why they are important and how to properly use them. Let us help you develop a customized winter maintenance best practices training program to help maximize your effectiveness. I have developed a materials application grid to provide an excellent “hands-on” visual training tool.

Equipment Calibration Clinics

When applying winter maintenance materials, using only what is absolutely necessary will help stretch challenged budgets. Money saved through proper calibration   procedures is money that can be used in other areas of your budget--hire back an employee or two, buy that new truck or spreader or brine making facility, etc.  In addition to saving money, proper calibration of equipment is essential in all winter maintenance performance measurements and comparative analysis activities.

Best Practices Evaluation Assistance  

How do we know what is best if we do not test? Creating the testing protocols, and then administering comparative analysis of one practice against another is a time consuming process.  When you are in the heat of battle it is difficult to observe and collect the kind of data necessary to make a fair assessment of the process.  Having another set of eyes and ears in the field helping document various tests ensures quality results. Anything else is just speculation. 

Liquid Deicing Chemical:  
Cost Effective Selection, Manufacture, Blending, Storage and Use

Liquid deicing chemical are not created equal and the selection process can be cumbersome.  While the science behind most of the liquid chemicals on the market is known, there is still plenty of “gray area” about cost effectiveness and use. There has   been movement to manufacturing sodium chloride brine and blending various additives to enhance its effectiveness. All expenditures are closely scrutinized and it is imperative that we get it right from the beginning, avoiding potential embarrassment, penalties, litigation, and retrofit costs. Most states require secondary containment.  Do you know your states requirements and how to meet them? And last, how do we most effectively use these materials. They can SAVE you money or COST you!  We can help!