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Maximize Deicer Efficiency 
Maximize Deicer Efficiency 

Material Application Grid

Are you missing the target with your applied deicing materials?

If your salt costs $50.00 per ton and you maintain 400 Lane Miles at 300# per ton you could be losing half that investment to the shoulders, ditch or gutters where it benefits no one.  If you apply materials to those same lane miles 35 times during a season you could be wasting over $50,000 of your challenged budgets to material loss.  In addition to reduced public safety, wasted materials create negative public impression and unnecessarily contribute to environmental damage.  The Material Application Grid can help you evaluate your application strategies assuring that only what is absolutely necessary to attain high levels of public service and traffic safety is achieved.

The Material Application Grid can be used for countless training purposes, best practices evaluation procedures, and calibration verification.  Once in place it can be used for years to come and may well become part of your annual pre-season winter maintenance activities.

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