Specializing in Best Practices to
Maximize Deicer Efficiency 
Maximize Deicer Efficiency 


Joe Pulver, P.E., Managing Director, Clinton County Road Commission

 “I have known Mark and of his work for over 15 years. His knowledge of winter maintenance materials are second to none. Mark lives and breathes SALT. If you are in the same situation as I am in and don't have the time to concentrate on your efforts in the reduction of salt Mark can really help. One of the few vendors that I truly trust.” March 3, 2010

Gerald Peterson, Manager, Manistee County Road Commission, Manistee, Michigan

“Mark is very direct and detail oriented and his commitment to helping is unsurpassed by anyone. If you are considering cutting costs, then I believe Mark will definitely pay for himself.” March 4, 2010

Brian Gutowski, P.E., Engineer-Manager, Emmet County Road Commission, Petoskey, Michigan

Mark is one of the most knowledgeable people I know when it comes to road winter maintenance. Mark has always been willing to share his expertise on the use of the correct materials and equipment at the correct time, in order to make road agencies more efficient in preventing slippery roads during winter events. I would recommend Mark to any road agency that deals with snow and ice. He will not only save your agency time and money but help make your roads safer for the public.” July 27, 2011

Tom MacDonald, Formerly, Director Public Works, City of Wayne, Michigan

 “I was first introduced to Mark Cornwell in 2007 while developing a regional work group to develop and implement "Best Practices” for municipal and county winter road maintenance procedures. Mark proved to be a very energetic and valuable member of the group. His background and knowledge of the subject was a great asset to our think tank. Mark was also very helpful to our department training and development in the area of winter maintenance best practices and salt brine application in particular. He has always been very gracious and eager to share his knowledge and experience in the winter maintenance field.” March 17, 2010

Tom Bruff, Transportation Coordinator/Engineer, Southeast Michigan Council of Governments, SEMCO, Detroit, Michigan

Mark is very knowledgeable and dedicated in the area of winter maintenance practices. It is his experience of various anti-icing and snow removal techniques, and practical local community examples that makes him a valuable resource to those that maintain roads. Mark also can provide guidance and auditing for those establishing a maintenance plan/strategy (i.e., benchmarking, benefit/cost analysis and performance measures).” March 2, 2010

Continuing Education

*  Presented at 36 Conferences/Workshops--1995-Present

*  Attended over 75 Conferences/Training Workshops/Symposiums—1995-Present

*  Conducted 7 operator training programs—2008-Present

*  Articles formally published—4—2004-Present


* Additional Credentials, References, and full listing of continuing education available on request.